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Octopus Energy Tariffs

Octopus Energy Tariffs

When I switched to Octopus in early 2020 I choose them for the customer service and the Octopus Energy Tariffs, I have recently moved to Octopus Agile, below is what you see when you initially swap, once you have moved to Octopus as your supplier you can choose what they call Innovative Tariffs like Agile.

An Octopus Energy Quote example
octopus energy tariffs


Super Green Octopus – This 12 month fixed tariff is the very greenest you can be with Octopus! The electricity you use is 100% matched by renewable sources, and any gas you use is fully carbon offset through our partner Renewable World. Like all our tariffs, Super Green Octopus has no exit fees.

Octopus 12M Fixed – Most popular Tariff. This tariff features 100% renewable electricity and fixes your unit rates and standing charge for 12 months. There are no exit fees, so if you change your mind, you’re in control.

Flexible Octopus – Flexible Octopus offers great value and 100% renewable electricity. As a variable tariff, your prices can rise and fall with wholesale prices – but we’ll always give you at least 30 days’ notice of a change, and you can switch to a fixed tariff at any time.

And other Tariffs here once your a customer

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As you can see Octopus energy offers a few tariffs to choose from initially but once switched you can use there more innovative tariffs. Octopus Go is great for electric car drivers providing you four hours of 5p per KWH electric every night in which you can charge your car at a good discount. Read my blog octopus energy smart meters)

With Agile Octopus, you get access to half-hourly energy prices, tied to wholesale prices and updated daily. So when wholesale prices drop, so do your bills – and if you can shift your daily electricity use outside of peak times, you can save even more.

Over the last 12 months, a typical UK family would have saved £210 on Agile Octopus compared to the average Big 6 variable tariff – and could save another £120 by shifting their electricity use outside of peak hours.1

After joining Octopus Energy I have been paying an average of 12p per KWH, a 20% discount over my last supplier. Get an online quote now and find out which tariff works best for you!

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