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Octopus Energy Smart Meters

octopus energy smart meters
Octopus Energy Smart Meters

Octopus Energy Smart meters are the next-generation way of monitoring your household energy consumption and the Government are keen to rollout the new meters as they offer a number of benefits over the standard credit meters, which are becoming redundant now. The main benefit is the ability for the meter to automatically send real-time information to your energy provider which ensures you will get the most accurate bill! You also have a wireless in-home display monitor provided, so you can see real time usage and costs. It may surprise you how much energy your home uses and allow you to save energy with this new information at hand and allow you to stay green!

How your smart meter helps you

When you switch to Octopus energy you can book your installation of your new smart meter! Octopus energy are rolling out a nationwide smart meter installation free of charge, so Octopus customers can benefit from tariffs such as the Agile, Go and Outgoing which need live date from your new meter.

There are two types of smart meters:

  1. SMETS1 meters, which is now redundant as they lose their “smart” ability to send data if you switch suppliers with a few exceptions.
  2. SMETS2 meters are the latest generation and work with any energy supplier, as the meter sends all data to a centralised body instead of sending it directly to energy suppliers as the SMETS1 did. 

Octopus like all other suppliers are offering free installing SMETS2 meters to their customers, you can request a booking in your portal page when you join as a customer.

If you are interested in getting a smart meter, register your interest on the octopus site and read the latest on the rollout using this link

Not an Octopus customer yet? Sign up using my Octopus referral code and receive £50 off your first bill! YOU DONT NEED A SMART METER TO SIGN UP.

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